Happening Now: Wings of Wonder at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Wings of Wonder at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Now is the time to flutter by the seasonal Wings of Wonder at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens. This community favorite will soon fly away for the year, coming to an end on Tuesday, October 31st.

About Wings of Wonder

Treat yourself and the family to Wings of Wonder at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens before it’s too late! Learn more about the life cycle of butterflies while also learning more about the plants the majestic winged creatures can’t live without.

The temporary butterfly house is home to between 400 and 500 native butterflies, surrounded by their favorite flowers and plants. Each year, the 1,800-square-foot screened-in area opens to the public from April through October.

Tickets are available for purchase at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens office. Don’t forget to look for the Scarecrows in the Gardens, which are also on display through October 31st, when you visit!

More about butterflies

Did you know all insects, including butterflies, share a common body design? It’s true. In general, the bodies are divided into three main categories. Those include the head, thorax and abdomen.

Interestingly enough, everything a butterfly needs to move and fly is found on the thorax. More specifically, there are four wings and six legs attached to it. If you enjoyed these fun facts, you will love what you will learn in-person at Wings of Wonder!


To catch a glimpse of Wings of Wonder at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens, make your way to the gardens. Located at 5130 Headland Ave., the attraction is about eight miles from Carriage House Apartments. In other words, you can see the beautiful butterflies in their natural habitat after about a 16-minute drive.

For more information or questions about purchasing tickets in advance, call the gardens at (334) 793-3224. You can also learn more about the botanical gardens by reading our local spotlight about it.


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