Local Spotlight: Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

There’s something about a bed full of flowers that just sends the heart aflutter. Maybe it’s the colors, the aroma, or just the aura behind a beautiful garden. Luckily for enthusiasts who love anything and everything flora, the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens has a bounty of fresh flowers, healthy foliage, and vibrant vegetation ready to be enjoyed.


Established in 1991, and earning non-profit status that same year, the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens has transformed from a 50-acre farmstead to a 24-garden experience, all held together by a serene, paved trail. The mission of the Gardens is simple: preserve our precious natural resources for posterity.


The Dothan Area Botanical Gardens boasts many gorgeous gardens, ranging from a Southern Heirloom Garden to a Mullen Asian Garden to a Children’s Garden, and much, much more in between! All in all, there are 25 sites, including the Ralph and Carolyn Smith Botanical Center, which serves as a welcome point, to enjoy, explore, and experience!

Southern Heirloom Garden

Showiness and spectacle are not strong suits of the Southern Heirloom Garden, which serves as a place for bygone plants that have largely gone by the wayside due to hybridization. The Southern Heirloom Garden; however, does light up during the early spring months, with Poppies, Larkspur, Confederate Jasmine all coming into bloom!

Mullen Asian Garden

The Mullen Asian Garden features Koi ponds—so fish and flora enthusiasts, alike, will have a blast in this garden. A bridge, perfect for strolling across or as a place for close-up Koi gazing, joins the two sides of the garden, and overlooks a tranquil, trickling waterfall.

Children’s Garden

An exotic play place, the Children’s Jungle Garden has plenty to keep the kids occupied, including a tree house with turbo-tube slide, swings, a thatched-roof hut, log pyramids, and life-size animals (including an all-too-content gorilla) that are perfect to play on.


Self-guided tours can be done at your (and your party’s) own pace; however, group tours can be scheduled for a small fee. The Dothan Area Botanical Gardens are almost completely handicap accessible—and electric tram tours are available for those who would like to keep walking to a minimum.


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