In the News: Dothan Warehouse Expansion

Dothan Warehouse expansion

More big things are coming to The Wiregrass. This time it happens to be phase two of the Dothan Warehouse expansion that will add 30,000-square-feet and double its trailer parking capacity.

Phase Two

Plans for the newest Dothan Warehouse expansion call for an $8 million investment by the full-service third-party logistics provider.

Again, the expansion will increase overall storage space by 30,000 square feet. The first phase of the project expanded the company’s footprint by 75,000-square-feet. It was valued at $20 million.

Once phase two is complete, Dothan Warehouse expects to add 25 new jobs to the roster along with broadening its capabilities in general.

The need for the Dothan Warehouse expansion is in part due to an increase in the area’s poultry industry.

Who is Dothan Warehouse?

Dothan Warehouse provides third party logistics to local and international clients. They offer both short-term and long-term receiving, storage and shipment of goods. They have dry storage, refrigerated storage and frozen storage space.

They also have designated ecommerce warehouse space for clients across the country too. The facility’s close proximity to Interstate 10 makes shipping goods across the country a little easier. Quick access to and from major ports in the Southeast are another plus for Dothan Warehouse.

In fact, Panama City is just 90 miles from the warehouse. Mobile is 194 miles away while New Orleans is 345 miles from the warehouse.

Click here to check out a map that breaks down estimated arrival times of good shipped from the ecommerce warehouse, for example.

More about the warehouse

Currently, Dothan Warehouse has the following amount of storage space available:

  • 845,000 square feet dry storage
  • 185,000 square feet cold storage
  • 100,000 square feet frozen storage

Once the second phase of the project is complete, they hope to spur new growth in the local and regional food and beverage industry with the increased storage capacity.


Did you know Dothan Warehouse is located at 980 Murray Road? That’s less than four miles from us! So, if you are looking to apply for a new job at Dothan Warehouse, for instance, apply for a new place with us first. For more community news and fun things to do, keep reading our blogs.