Coming Soon: New Community Center in Dothan

new community center in Dothan

One local pastor is on a mission. He believes in giving back and creating an environment for success. One way he plans to do this is with a new community center in Dothan.

About the community center

According to the Alabama News Center, the new community center in Dothan will be known as the GSMBC Community Family Life Center.

It is the vision of Pastor Delvick McKay, who is a lifelong resident of nearby Headland. He serves as pastor of Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (GSMBC).

In fact, the future community center will actually be built right next door to the church. It is part of the congregation’s community development corporation.

It will act as a community resource. The new community center will provide a wide variety of services. For example, one main focus will be on continued education and professional development.

Personal care services will also be provided among other things.

What’s next?

Currently, the new community center in Dothan is under construction. Like the building itself, future programs and services are also under construction.

As of now, key community partnerships are being formed. A few of those include Wallace Community College, the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce and several local businesses.

Wallace Community College will help create GED and adult education programming, for instance. The Chamber plans on using the designated computer lab and meeting spaces for workforce development.

As for local businesses, their contribution will come in the form of K-12 Summer Enrichment field trips for one thing.

Plus, McKay hopes to add health and wellness programs and clinics at the new community center as well.


The site of the GSMBC Community Life Center is on the church grounds. The church’s official address is 12 Martin Luther King Drive in Headland.

To clarify, Headland is a part of the Dothan metropolitan area. Generally speaking, it’s located about nine miles outside the city.

More specifically, the church is about 13 miles away from Carriage House Apartments.

Questions? You can call GSMBC at 334-693-3590 or send an email to [email protected].


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