Coming Up: Henry Cho at the Dothan Civic Center

Henry Cho at the Dothan Civic Center

According to Scientific American, laughter can genuinely make us feel better. Why? It likely releases endorphins, which can improve our pain tolerance and our mood. So, if you want a prescription for a fun night out, see Henry Cho at the Dothan Civic Center for one night only: June 5.

More on Henry Cho

The best part of comedy? Sharing in the laughs with the people you love. So, if you hope to bring along friends or family, they can bond over the humor in Henry Cho’s for-all-ages jokes.

If his name sounds familiar, you may have seen him on The Late, Late, Show on CBS or his Comedy Central Special, What’s That Clickin Noise?, which you can also watch on Netflix. Or, you may have listened to him on Pandora or SiriusXM! Soon, though, you can chuckle along to his jokes in person!

Accompanying Acts

Triple the jokes! When you see Henry Cho at the Dothan Civic Center, you also have two other hilarious acts to enjoy.

Comedian Aaron Weber, cohost of The Nateland Podcast about the Middle Ages and a stand up in his own right will also perform. Plus, you can also laugh along to the stylings of Clayburn Cox, who teaches in Auburn, AL during the day and tells hilarious jokes off the clock as a comedian.

Visiting Details

Get your tickets soon! You can buy them online here. The show kicks off on June 5, starting at 7 p.m. So, when the time arrives, drive over to the Dothan Opera House at the Dothan Civic Center. Visitors can find it at 115 North St. Andrews St.!


Sometimes, the only thing we need to cheer up is a long laugh. Even the science agrees! Fortunately, a good, strong dose of the giggles awaits you this June! Not only can you see Henry Cho at the Dothan Civic Center, but you can also crack up to jokes from Aaron Weber and Clayburn Cox. Sounds like the perfect reason to buy your tickets ASAP.

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