Local Spotlight: The Carver Museum

The Carver Museum

You don’t have to leave our hometown to step into a significant, informative cultural scene. The Carver Museum is one of Dothan, AL’s greatest draws—and it’s ready for visitors. If you want to pencil in some incredible stories into your calendar, it’s time to schedule a visit!

What is The Carver Museum?

Many of us remember learning about George Washington Carver, a deeply-influential scientist, in school. His important agricultural and social legacy is a part of our curriculum to this day. He also has a second, equally impressive claim to history: his accomplishments shown throughout The Carver Museum.

Notably, it was Dr. Francina Williams who founded this museum. Named after one of the most famous African-American figures, it also seeks to teach visitors the life stories of other African-Americans who have shaped our country. Learn more about their inventions, words, and legacies when you make your trip over there this year!

What can I do at The Carver Museum?

You can learn more about African-American history, both widely-learned and little-known, at The Carver Museum. Some of the exhibits and offerings include:

  • The Dr. Carver Lab & Legacy Exhibit;
  • Guided tours;
  • The Black Scientists, Inventors, and Explorers Exhibit;
  • Art by Charley Palmer;
  • The Social Heroes Timeline Exhibit;
  • And more.

Visiting Details

The Carver Museum is designed for visitors young and old. It’s also completely free. If you want to visit, you can find the Museum at 305 N. Foster St. in Dothan, AL.

Right now due to COVID-19, the museum is scheduling appointments for private group visits with guided tours. Email The Carver Museum to book your trip!

A Few Quick Safety Reminders

Safety remains as important as ever. Please, remember to follow all state laws and mask mandates. You should also practice social distancing, by staying six feet or farther from those not in your household. Thank you for protecting our community!

Supporting the Carver Museum

If you prefer to stay home right now, you can still support The Carver Museum, if you feel moved to help. Make a donation here! You can also sponsor a classroom! Finally, one free way to help them out right now is talking about them on social media, with friends or family, or by sharing this blog!


Some history we know. Other history, we still have time to learn! And the place to find out more? It’s The Carver Museum in Dothan. Consider visiting them this season!

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