The Carver Museum

Local Spotlight: The Carver Museum

You don’t have to leave our hometown to step into a significant, informative cultural scene. The Carver Museum is one of Dothan, AL’s greatest draws—and it’s ready for visitors. If you want to pencil in some incredible stories into your calendar, it’s time to schedule a visit! What is The Carver Museum? Many of us Read more about Local Spotlight: The Carver Museum[…]

Visit Folklore Brewing and Meadery

Local Spotlight: Folklore Brewing and Meadery

Though right now we’re a bit limited in scope, Dothan’s sights to see will be ready and waiting for you once it’s safe again. Dothanites are not idle, but we do know when and how to take it easy. At Folklore Brewing and Meadery, the laid-back atmosphere will probably remind you of grabbing beers in Read more about Local Spotlight: Folklore Brewing and Meadery[…]