The Wiregrass Region: Where Does the Name Come From?

the Wiregrass Region

Does the name “Aristida stricta” ring a bell? No? We’ll give you a hint: if you live in Dothan, you may have seen some of it at Landmark Park! Ready for the answer? It’s a kind of grass, known colloquially as “wiregrass.” It also gave its name to the area we live, which is referred to as “The Wiregrass Region.” The name grew quite quickly! Here’s more on how it spread—and a bit of history of the region.

The Wiregrass Region and Its Members

Dothan is one of several members of the Wiregrass Region. Aristida stricta also once grew in nearby towns like Ozark, Opp, Abbeville, and Enterprise. It could also be found in Georgia and Florida too! Sadly, the grass is much rarer these days, due in part to people settling and building homes in the area.

Native American History

Long before waves of settlers in the 16th century, Native Americans lived in the Wiregrass Region. Notably, it was home to the Creek Nation, which used the land to cultivate crops like beans and corn. They also built mounds, traded, and thrived in the region until their land was taken and they were driven from it.

Wiregrass Region Farmers

For a long time, farming was a big part of Wiregrass Region culture. It began with the Creek Nation, followed by subsistence farmers when Native Americans were forced to leave their homes. Over time, technology like trains and steamboats made it possible for farmers to make larger profits. Quick, accessible transportation meant that Wiregrass Region growers could get their crops from place to place without the fruits, vegetables, or meat spoiling. This spelled a boom in economic growth. Still, during these decades, the wiregrass began to dwindle.

Growing Populations

The arrival of Fort Rucker signaled another change in The Wiregrass Region, as did the creation of mills. Soon, the new and exciting economic activities spelled population growth, turning The Wiregrass Region into a place filled with people, crops, and businesses. Now, it’s a booming area!


The Wiregrass Region gleans its name from the humble grass, Aristida stricta. Just like that grass, its population has a long history. Dothan continues to grow, with more and more economic and educational opportunities arising as the years pass.

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