In the News: Energy-Efficient Lighting is Planned for Dothan City Schools

energy-efficient lighting is planned for Dothan City Schools

We’ve reached the middle of the 2019-2020 school year! Though many off us are off for a break, Dothan City Schools rarely sleep. In fact, the district has some great news: energy-efficient lighting is planned for Dothan City Schools. Wondering exactly what this means for students, teachers, and public school workers? We’ll break it down for you!

How will the finances work over the next few years?

Energy-efficient lighting in planned for Dothan City Schools. With it comes a price of $11.9 million dollars. Keep in mind, this is the cost for 11 different schools—and it also will include getting new HVAC units for a couple of the schools.

Over time, this deal will spell huge savings. After all, it’s an investment in the school system’s future. So, how much will it pay off, and how long will it take? Once costs have broken even, the school system’s yearly savings will be about $480,000. It’s going to take 19 years for them to reach that point, but once they do, they’ll consistently save as time passes.

What are the benefits of energy-efficient lighting?

Did you know that energy-efficient lighting is highly beneficial? Some of the advantages of using it include:

  • Spending less money on power;
  • Decreasing the amount of power necessary to power the bulbs;
  • A better carbon footprint; and
  • Longer lasting light bulbs.


Living in Dothan means that you have access to amazing public schools. It also means that since energy-efficient lighting is planned for Dothan City Schools, you’ll reap the benefits. Whether you have little students of your own or are excited to save a little bit on your taxes in the future, this upcoming change will make life in town even better.

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