In the News: Upgrades in Downtown Dothan

upgrades in Downtown Dothan

The official plans for the multi-phase revitalization of Downtown Dothan have been announced, in addition to the new project name known as the “Dothan City Center Block.” Keep reading for everything we know about these upgrades in Downtown Dothan.

About the Dothan City Center Block

An ambitious project has big plans to breathe new life into Downtown Dothan! The Dothan City Center Block is a multi-phase project planning to revitalize areas of historic downtown. This includes the Dothan Civic Center, the Dothan Opera House and so much more.

Phase one of this project is to tear down the Dothan Utilities building, renovate the Dothan Opera House and create a green space around it. This phase is set to begin this fall and end in the summer of 2025.

Currently, the City Hall design process has begun and is estimated to be complete by the end of this year. The new City Hall location will be across from the Houston County Court House.

Construction of this building is set for June 2024, and it is estimated it will be completed by the summer of 2025.

In addition to these upgrades in Downtown Dothan, the Roy M. Driggers Municipal Complex will soon be home to the arts. It will house the Cultural Arts Center and the Wiregrass Museum of Art, which are both currently located in older buildings.

Plus, there will be an arts venue addition with plans to build a small black box theatre! And the newly-constructed Civic Center will also receive upgrades, including more seating!

This phase of the project is estimated to begin in 2025.

More about the project

Among these phases, the city also plans to build pedestrian walkways, a parking deck, a hotel and road improvements!

One of these road improvements is the addition of a roundabout near the current location of the Wiregrass Museum of Art.

A City Center and an Innovation Center for agricultural research and education are also in the plans for these upgrades in Downtown Dothan.

Construction for these will begin in 2024.


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