In the News: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Dothan

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Dothan

The City of Dothan believes in taking a proactive approach toward progress. Hence the buzz about the first two public electric vehicle charging stations in Dothan currently in the works.

Where to Re-charge

City commissioners recently approved an agreement to move forward with the project in partnership with Charge Point. City officials pursued a grant offered through the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority, of which the city is a member.

Both charging stations will be located in the downtown city parking lot on the corner of West Troy Street and North Foster Street across from the police department.

Filling the Gap

According to an article in The Dothan Eagle, the city saw the need for public charging stations as soon as Gov. Kay Ivey began rolling out a share of the state’s settlement between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Volkswagen for clean air violations. The stations funded by the state’s EV charging station program tended to be along the interstate system, which left a noticeable void in the Wiregrass area.

But that gap is being filled, and travelers can soon take advantage of a lovely stop in downtown as their cars charge at the new electric vehicle charging stations in Dothan.

Ahead of the Curve

Do a quick Google search of electric cars and many, many links pop up. If you’re lucky, near the top is Plug in America is a nonprofit organization driving change and speeding up the shift from gas-powered to electric-powered vehicles. The website is packed full of helpful information, cool facts, and resources to help you find a potential electric vehicle.

Turns out Dothan is not just cutting-edge, but staying ahead of the curve. Did you know that EVs are now a legit option for the everyday American? They are more convenient than you think and more affordable—and more than one million Americans own one.

The added value turns out to be about 54% less lifetime carbon pollution. Plus, consumers are being socially responsible in that using electricity to fuel your vehicle keeps money in America (the local utility company) instead of foreign countries supplying us with oil.


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