In the News: Dothan’s New Pediatric Specialty Clinic

Dothan’s New Pediatric Specialty Clinic

Dothan’s home to many places devoted to the common good, from schools to humane societies. And early last month, one received an upgrade, in location and tech: Dothan’s new pediatric specialty clinic. The Dothan Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic brings along with it a range of healthcare services and specialists, from diabetes treatment to heart disease.

About the Clinic

Billed as one of the best specialty centers outside Birmingham and Mobile, Dothan’s new pediatric specialty clinic offers an array of healthcare services to Wiregrass residents. The clinic’s outfitted with a team of specialists and staff dedicated to addressing a number of ailments. Issues treated include lung problems, heart disease, diabetes, seizures, and more.

Lauded for its diversity in care, Dothan’s new pediatric specialty clinic also makes child healthcare more accessible. The arrival of the Dothan Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic allows for Wiregrass residents to cut down considerably on commutes. Instead of traveling long distances to other healthcare hubs, residents can stay local and still receive excellent care. The state-of-the-art facility rests along Montgomery Highway.

The Clinic’s Future

Dothan’s new pediatric specialty clinic, and its launching, coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. While this did not interfere with the site opening, it did put open house plans on hold. In the future, on-site counseling, and a sleep study center, will be coming down the clinic’s pipeline.

For residents, Dothan’s new pediatric specialty clinic brings a hopeful note. Its opening has brought approximately 25 new jobs to the area, along with a modern healthcare clinic with newfound treatment capabilities.


It’s exciting that Dothan’s new pediatric specialty clinic has made a new, modern home for itself off Montgomery Highway. This facility brings a fleet of healthcare options to the Wiregrass.

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