In the News: Upgrades to Rip Hewes Stadium

upgrades to Rip Hewes Stadium

Have you been keeping an eye on the upgrades to Rip Hewes Stadium so far? The on-going renovations continue even as high school football gets underway.

What’s Happening

In late June, the City of Dothan announced plans to invest a little more than $3 million into upgrades to Rip Hewes Stadium. While the entire stadium will get an overhaul, work started with the east and west side parking lots.

The parking lots are currently being repaved and refreshed. New traffic islands, new landscaping and new interactive lighting will all improve the stadium experience as soon as you enter the grounds.

Besides smooth parking, upgrades to Rip Hewes Stadium will include a west-side grand entrance. The concession area and restrooms will also be completely re-done. Additionally, players will enjoy updated locker rooms.

Fans and visitors alike will be cheering from new bleachers. The field will get new turf. And like the parking lot, the stadium will have new LED lighting.

A final touch—the new LED scoreboard—should arrive sometime in October or November. Delays have it hard to say exactly. However, it is expected to arrive while there is still some football left to play!

More Than a Sporting Venue

In the end, the city hopes Rip Hewes Stadium in Dothan will become more than a sporting venue. For example, continued plans for the renovated stadium include family-friendly events like movie nights, festivals, field days and more. Of course, multiple sports will continue to get a lot of use out of the stadium!

Renovations are expected to be completed sometime next year. If you want to see how the upgrades to Rip Hewes Stadium are going, thanks to the city, you can! Click here for access to the time-lapse camera images taken every 10 minutes.


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