In the News: Construction Projects for Dothan City Schools

new construction projects for Dothan City Schools

One of the best ways to invest in our country’s future is by investing in our school systems! Not only can these upgrades give students more resources and a better education, but they’ll give young people an amazing foundation for the rest of their lives. Now, students are getting a boost! These construction projects for Dothan City Schools are in progress—and they’re sure to make an important difference for our town.

How much will the projects cost?

Dothan City Schools are about to undergo some brand-new changes—and it’s thanks in part to the $2.7 million earmarked for updates by the Board of Education. The money will be paid to a construction company from Andalusia. It’s possible that the project may cost less though, with $2.7 being the most the board has offered for their bid for the project.

Of course, that sum will not cover every single one of the new projects. The big total is estimated to be $6.6 million. And if you were wondering—it’s actually an amazing deal! In fact, Dothan City schools saved a total of $700,000!

What will the projects cover?

The new construction projects for Dothan City Schools will cover a lot of ground. So far, they’ve been confirmed to include several endeavors like:

  • Adding a new road to Dothan Preparatory Academy;
  • Making schools like the Carver School of Math, Science and Technology and Dothan Preparatory Academy more compliant per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA);
  • Adding elevators to several campuses;
  • Constructing a new area affixing two sections of Carver School of Math, Science and Technology;
  • Adding lifts and ramps to campuses;
  • Rearranging the interior of Dothan Preparatory Academy to add offices, six classrooms, and more.

Why are these projects so important?

Accessibility is key! The new construction projects for Dothan City Schools will help all students learn, travel across campus, and enjoy their time on campus. That way, everyone can look forward to a bright and happy future!


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